Project – “Three problems one solution”

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Three problems, one solution


This project is sub-granting within the project “Joint Forces for Common Interests” implemented by COSV branch Prilep in partnership with CCI from Prilep and WCI ANTICO from Skopje, funded by European Union within the IPA Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2014


Title of the project: Three problems, one solutions

Reference: 2015/370-761/011

Contracting Authority: Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni per il Servezio Volontario (COSV)

Partners: Ecology association “Youth of DolnoSvilare” and Association for affirmation of Bosniak women “Divanhana”

Duration of the project: 6 months, from 26 of April to 25 of October 2017

Total budget: 366.400.00 MKD

Location of the project implementation: Municipality Saraj

Final beneficiaries: Population settlements of the municipality Saraj:DolnoSvilare, Ljubin and DolnaMatka

Overall objectives:Contribution to improving living conditions in the settlements in the municipality of Saraj.

Specific objectives:

Addressing specific needs in three settlements of different ethnic structure in the municipality of Saraj.

  1. Establishing cooperation between citizens from three settlements
  2. Setting the Infrastructure to facilitate urban public transport traffic in the village DolnoSvilare.
  3. Promoting cultural values of the Bosniak community in Saraj
  4. Setting urban equipment for street lighting in the busiest street in DolnaMatka.


Planned activities will be implemented within 3 main components:

1. Formation of civil group conduction start

  • Planning of joint activities between settlements
  • Debate on treatment (not) the ability of citizens to address their problems
  • Project for bus stops in the village DolnoSvilare
  • Selection of contractor
  • The works for setting stops.
  • Formal opening of stops

2. Designing costumes

  • Sewing costumes
  • Meeting to create a working group to organize “Day of the Bosniak culture and tradition”
  • Celebrating the “Day of the Bosniak culture and tradition”

3. Collecting bids for street lighting in the village DolnaMatka

  • Purchase of lighting
  • Set the bulbs in cooperation with EVN and Local community DolnaMatka



Day of Bosniak culture