Young people know and are able to build coexistence

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This project is sub-granted within the project “Joint Forces for Common Interests” implemented by COSV branch Prilep in partnership with CCI from Prilep and WCI ANTICO from Skopje, funded by European Union within the IPA Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2014


Project title: Young people know and are able to build coexistence

Project number: 2015/370-761/004

Contracting Authority: Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni per il Servezio Volontario (COSV)

Project partners: Association Multiethnikum and ZG Humanost, Desovo

Project Duration: Five months, starting from April to September 2017

Total budget: 328,500,00 denars

Location of project implementation: Dolneni Municipality

Target group: Elementary school pupils from Dolneni Municipality

Final Beneficiaries: Elementary school pupils from Dolneni Municipality

General objectives: Attaining peaceful and harmonious coexistence, where all ethnic communities will be respected and offered equal opportunities.

Specific objectives:

  • Raising awareness among students, teachers, and their parents about the importance of multiethnic issues
  • Upgrading the students’ knowledge and their preparation for a life within a multiethnic society
  • Creating a network for cooperation among the schools in Dolneni Municipality.


Planned activities will be implemented within the framework of five separate components:


  1. Preparation and signing of a memorandum for cooperation with all the educational institutions as participants in the project.


  1. Organizing workshops intended for exchanging linguistic and communication skills
    • Five schools will take part in the workshops that are planned to be held in three elementary schools.


  1. Joint educational and cultural-artistic events
  • All primary schools are envisioned to take part in this activity, which is planned to take place in one school.


  1. A visit to religious, ethnic, and cultural landmarks
  • This activity envisions a visit to the St. Naum Monastery in Ohrid and Jeni Mosque in Bitola
  1. Staging a soccer match competition among students of all municipal schools
  • This activity will include seven elementary schools with their teams, whilst Blaze Koneski Primary School from Prilep will be a special guest. In addition, Dolneni Mayor as well as other relevant personalities will also be attending the sports event.


  1. Visibility and promotion
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