Happy Life – Tetovo


Association for support of families, individuals and groups Happy Life – Tetovo

The association Happy Life is a nongovernmental and nonprofit organization formed in December 2001. Within its long history, the organization works to improve the mental health of children, youth and women, promoting multicultural understanding, respect, tolerance and communication among members of different ethnic groups; organizing and conducting seminars, workshops, panel discussions and other educational activities related to the specific daily needs of the target groups.

  1. Mission

Visionary approach for enhancing the democratic values in a multiethnic state, better life for all citizens, and achieving multicultural coexistence in peace and mutual understanding among all people in the Republic of Macedonia. Promoting the mental health of children, youth and women and their socialization and inclusion in everyday life.

  1. Main areas of activity
  • Education
  • Human Rights
  • Multiethnic dialogue
  • Civil Society (Networking)