This project is funded by European Union within the IPA Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2014

Title of the project: Joint forces for common interests!

Project implemented by: COSV – Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni per il Servizio Volontario, branch Prilep in partnership with CCI-Prilep and ANTICO from Skopje

Duration of the project: 32 months, from January 2016 to August 2018

Total budget: 329.584.79 Euro

Location of the project implementation: 12 multiethnic municipalities

Final beneficiaries: Multi-ethnic communities from the selected municipalities

Overall objectives: Strengthening the civil society impact in promoting intercommunity relation through a participatory democracy.

Specific objectives:

  1. a) To support the intercommunity trust building process through acknowledgement of the common community interests
  2. b) To stimulate local community actions for participation in interest based local decision making processes
  3. c) To strengthen the capacities of the local civil society in analysis and evidence based advocacy through multi-stakeholder networking

Planned activities will be implemented within 3 main components:

Component 1 – Capacity building: Selection of CSOs partnerships with multi-ethnic municipalities for promoting inter-community relations where within the project will be selected 12 municipalities that have applied together with 12 civil society organizations. In order to support the organizations capacity building trainings will be implemented in advocacy through interest based negotiations, data analysis research and fact-finding, conflict resolution through circle processes and women perspective in needs identification.The implementation of the activities will result with Public institutions and governments recognize the importance of CSOs in improving good governance through CSOs’ inclusion in decision making processes.

Component 2 Establishment of the consultation mechanism for identification of common community interests where the 12 mentor organizations will initiate Establishment of municipal body for identification of the common community interests – composed of members from the municipal council, from the political parties, commissions for interethnic relations, civil society. The body will coordinate the Process of common needs identification through organization of community forums in each of the municipalities. A wide audience and participation will be encouraged for a participative identification of the common needs; then, as a second stage, the Process for preparation of annual program will be initiated.

Component 3 – Intercommunity trust building process that will start with Preparation and launching  of the first call for small grants for intercommunity trust building addressing the first 6 pilot municipalities following with the second call for small grants for the second 6 municipalities. The calls will be developed on the basis of the 12 annual programs developed in the previous component. After the selection of the beneficiaries of the grants mentoring process for implementation of joint projects for interest based local decision making will follow implemented by the 12 mentors’ organizations. This will result with CSO activities are guided by strategic long-term organizational planning and Government support to CSOs is available and provided in a transparent, accountable, fair and non-discriminatory manner.

Component 4 – Visibility and promotion through Web portal, Cross-country coordination meetings, Research of the effectiveness of the program.