NGO Center



Center for help and integration of the underdeveloped and developed areas in civil society Kicevo, NGO CenterKicevo

The focus of our organization is: Development of public and mutual matters, as well as resolving specific society problems through organization of education activities, protecting of the environment, assisting in the events of local matters as education and culture, protection and development of ethnic minorities, cross border cooperation, rural development, inclusion of youth in variety of spheres in the society, activities for national and social cooperation, organization of cultural and recreation activities, protection of cultural and historical monuments, preservation of tradition and customs, development of the artistic activities, as well as improvement of the social life in Kicevo.

Our organization implements projects in the field of promotion of the historical and cultural values. On local level, we are active participant on the manifestation – Open day for multi – culture in Kicevo Municipality.


045 221 867