NGO KHAM Delchevo


NGO KHAM Delchevo


Guided by the need for realization, protection and consolidation of their interests and beliefs as well as for carrying out activities for improvement  of education among the young Roma, improvement of their social position and their inclusion in all socio-economic flows in the country, group of Roma citizens established NGO “KHAM” from Delcevo. The organization was founded on March 20, 1999. As a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization.


The mission of the NGO KHAM is through informing, educating, influencing policies and providing services to help Roma and marginalized groups to engage in the realization of their health rights, to provide a better educational level and better economic standing, the restoration of human Rights guaranteed by the Constitution.


To fulfill the mission, NGO KHAM Delchevo works continuously on:

  • Promoting human rights and protection against discrimination based on ethnicity and racial profiling through an increased level of awareness of the Roma community and marginalized groups on basic human rights
  • Realizing the right to housing marginalized groups with emphasis put on Roma
  • Increasing the employability and employment of Roma and improving their competitiveness on the labor market by overcoming the negative narratives and promoting positive models of Roma workers
  • Increased coverage of Roma children in pre-school education and increasing regularity and improving the outcomes of Roma students in primary and secondary education, and by raising parents’ awareness of the importance of educating their children
  • Affirmation of Roma history and culture
  • Implementation of preventive health programs by overcoming the barriers in achieving the first health and changing the negative narratives for the Roma population
  • Inclusion and information of Roma and marginalized groups with an emphasis on youth in policy-making at local and national level


For more information about the programs and projects of NGO KHAM, please contact:




Contact: Zekir Abdulov-Executive Director

071 215 356


Beti Tolevska – coordinator of mentoring organization

070 559 646