Organization of Women of the city of Skopje (OWS)


The Association – Organization of Women of the city of Skopje (OWS)  has been founded 1991 and since then functions  as non-governmental and non-profit organization, with the objective of protecting women, respect of their integrity, free from the stereotypes and traditions as well as struggle against any kind of violence and discrimination no matter of their nationality, religion and ethnicity.

OWS is the first NGO established for achieving gender equality in all spheres of social life at the same time securing important place and inclusion in all the institutions of the society.

Since August 1994 in the frame of OWS functions the first SOS help line (02)15 700 for women and children victims of domestic violence and practically is the first service which provides help for the victims on the entire territory of our country. Functions 24/7.

The Organization of Women of the city of Skopje posses own Shelter center for the victims of domestic violence where high number of victims are accommodated in order to escape from the violator where they get adequate medical, social,  psychological and legal help. In 2015 OWS made standardization of the Shelter servicers, therefore the stay of the victims has been extended from 3 to 6 months. There is a special team of social worker and psychologist working with them during their stay, whereas the operators of the SOS help line having experience for more than 20 years have the advisory role helping them to overcome the problems they are facing at the same time directing them to the appropriate institution that treat the issue of domestic violence.

One of the priorities of OWS is the economic and political empowerment of women, whereas through special programs, events and campaigns OWS is working on the economic strengthening of women victims of domestic violence, helping them to start their small business and become economically independent from their partner in order to continue their life without violence.