Center for Civic Initiative


Center for Civic Initiative (CCI) is a non-party, non-profit organization established on 24th of May 1997 in the city of Prilep, in the Republic of Macedonia. The primary goals of CCI are to facilitate the development of democracy and civil society in Macedonia, to involve citizens in education and to promote positive changes in their community and country.


CCI, as a leading NGO in the region, has developed partnership relations with all relevant stakeholders and has been satisfying citizen’s interests, contributing towards better life in the community.
CCI, in collaboration with civil society organizations, governmental organization and business sector, motivate citizens to act in the building of the civil society in the R.Macedonia and broader.
Final goal of CCI is that all citizens have equal human rights, are involved in decisionmaking processes and have
equal access to education.

Identifying the needs of the communities in our country and in the western Balkan
region, we have structured our impact working on three main programs:
Ø Human rights and Democracy;
Ø Development of NGO Sector;
Ø Improvement of the work of the Public Administration and Local Government

What we do …
Build capacities – in the course of our work we have developed and continuing
to develop our capacities in different spheres creating a pool of experts that can
transfer the knowledge to the desired target groups.
- Human rights trainings
- Organizational development
- Project cycle management
- Conflict transformation
Consult – we are using our resources for consultations for different types of organizations providing mentoring during the development processes
Provide legal aid – considering that we are working for the community we are providing legal aid for victims of police ill-treatment
Raise awareness – we can produce change only if we can provide enough information to the community necessary to stimulate the change therefore we are
organizing different types of awareness raising activities through information sharing, education, media and children activities
Prevent – we are considering the prevention as the basis for overcoming of the problems on the path of community development. Moreover, we have dedicated a
lot of resources for prevention component in each of the specific program areas of our organization.
Develop tools and manuals – considering that learning is the main pillar of change we learn from the experiences of others and develop tools and manuals in
order to support the continuous process of learning of our target groups.
Provide services – having our capacities and experience we are providing our services to the civil society organizations in need and to the Local Self Government Units in the areas of project management and local development.

For whom we do it …
Our first priority is and has always been the community….

Children and youth


Marginalized groups

Civil society organizations (CSOs)

Public administration and Governmental institutions


Str. Dimo Narednikot bb(Erik building)

7500 Prilep

tel/fax: +389 48 425 125 tel: +389 48 400 480



Women's Civic Initiative ANTIKO


Mission: Promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence - improving the socio- economic status of women and achieving gender equality by supporting and strengthening their capacity, influencing for policy creation and for full implementation of domestic and international instruments aimed at protection of human / women's rights.

Vision: Sustainable Peace and Development – A Civil Society that provides equal opportunities and respects human rights of all citizens, regardless of their gender, ethnic, religious and other types of differences. ANTIKO was established in 1999 as a response to the need of the community for multiethnic networking and team action in the field of democracy, pluralism and tolerance - promoting the inter-ethnic cooperation, gender equality and active participation of citizens in building peace in the community through economic, social, cultural prosperity and respect for fundamental human rights of all people - different and marginalized. ANTIKO’s network with coordinated actions and in partnership with other civil society organizations, local governments, the business sector, the media and other stakeholders, implements continuous activities that make a positive impact on 3 levels: the level of individuals, groups and communities. Forms of action: capacity building, advocacy, promotion, education, non-formal education, gender studies, issuing publications, conducting public actions. ANTIKO’s network is composed of 16 members – multiethnic civil society organizations, based throughout the country. 

Main activities: 

  • Promoting the culture of peace and non-violence - creating a safe space for interaction of differences;
  • Social inclusion of women from marginalized groups - building their capacities for achieving active participation in public and economic life;
  • Increasing the number of women in the labor market - strengthening the economic power of women;
  • Applying participatory models of work and actions, based on research and evidence;
  • Supporting the political empowerment of women - increasing the political and managerial skills of women;
  • Increasing the impact of gender mainstreaming in policies and in the programs of the institutions (on national and local level) -  gender responsive strategies, programs and budgets;
  • Connecting, networking, encouraging and supporting the development of inter sector cooperation and social partnership between civil society organizations and relevant institutions on national and local level;
  • Affirmation of the importance of active citizen participation (of youth and women), when addressing the problems and needs of the community;
  • Promoting activism for reducing gender-based and domestic violence.


Str. Vukovarska 23-1/2,

 1000 Skopje,

PO Box 1090/1010

тel: 02/2614 641, 02/2611 130;