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The process of Capacity building with the Municipalities and the mentoring organizations began in October 2016 by implementing 3 trainings:

  1. Conflict transformation through usage of Circle processes
  2. Fact – finding data analyses and researching
  3. Advocacy through interest based organizations

Having implemented these three trainings the targeted municipalities and mentoring CSOs for year 1 of the project implementation gained knowledge and skills for their further engagement in the project.

  1. Training Conflict transformation through usage of Circle processes

This training was implemented on 19, 20th and 21st of October 2016. The trainer was Marina Gj. Kitanoska. The aim of the training was to introduce the participants to the stages of understanding the Conflict transformation: Active listening, Context understanding, Non violent communication including visible and invisible conflicts). The practical usage of these aspects was introduced through the analyses and learning about the tool – Circles of Trust, which was the major highlight of the training. All the participants were given the chance to be part of a role-play conflict in different roles, which gave them insight of understanding being a victim and violator.

Based on the evaluation, the participants learned a new approach, with active discussions and inclusion of everybody’s opinion on different aspects of conflict. One of the participants said: “The most valuable thing I learned on the training is the analyses of my attitudes towards the other people, which is very much important for me. I understand where I am compering my attitudes with other people attitudes”.

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   2. Fact – finding data analyses and researching

The training Fact – finding data analyses and researching was implemented 26th to 28th of October 2016. The main goal of the training was to present to the participants the public participation in decision making process, Public Policies and Advocacy for public policies, target audience, and transferring the message of the target audience to the local community and stakeholders.

The training involved theory presentations and practical usage through group work for concrete concerns for each targeted municipality. The group work was consisted of the municipal representatives and the mentoring organizations.

According to the evaluation, the participants noted that this practical approach will help them in the creation of the further activities in their local communities.

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3. Advocacy through interest based organizations

The training Advocacy through interest based organizations was implemented on 31 of October to 2 November by Zoran Stojkovski.

This training involved introduction of Advocacy, public policy, citizen’s participation. The expert put them through the process of essential steps in interest-based negotiation. After finishing of the training participants have skills to guide a process for common needs identification and manage the process of advocacy and negotiation among the policy makers and community.


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