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Starting from today as support for the further implementation of the project activities this month, our mentor organizations and representatives from municipality will have to pass three specific trainings. Within these trainings participants will gain specific and important skills that they will need for implementation of project activities.

Our first training Conflict resolution through circle processes will take place in Ohrid from 19 – 21 of October. During this three day training the participants will learn the method of circle processes that is a method of interpersonal conflict resolution that can be used in different circumstances and also in multiethnic communities for overcoming of the differences and identification of the joint interest where all participants are considered of equal importance with equal voice.

Second training Fact finding, data analysis and researching will take place in Ohrid from 26 – 28 of October.  From this training, participants will gain knowledge haw to prepare appropriate program for satisfying of the community needs with skills for fact finding, data analysis, research and reporting.

Third training Advocacy through interests based negotiation will take place in Ohrid, starting from 31 of October to 2 of November. On this training the participant will learn the keys to interest – based negotiations that are a combination of appropriate attitude and skills.